Advice on Tax Return Revenue

     The demands as regards fiscal functions have increased dramatically in the last few years. Questions such as globalisation, regulation, corporative government, increased transparency, limited resources and shorter financial closure cycles are just some of the factors that those responsible for business taxes must currently confront. Given that these challenges are here to stay, your fiscal function needs to have an efficient plan of battle to enable you to deal with various responsibilities and diverse groups of interest, while improving your profitability not only in your tax department but also in your company as a whole. This is, undoubtedly, not an easy task.  

     Indo Iuris’ tax return revenue advice office works with your fiscal function in order to confront these challenges and obtain better results. We place an in-depth knowledge of taxation technologies at your disposal that will assist you to construct solid bases as regards compliance and the obtaining of information, effective risk management protocols and a fiscal function with excellent profitability. We have experience in projects for businesses of all sizes, and have particular experience in all the components of the tax cycle: planning, funding, compliance and conflicts.