Crisis Solution, Viability Plan

This is based on the three key pillars:

  • Strategic viability 

                    Analysis of the situation in the sector and of the business typology.

  • Economic Viability

                    Manufacturing costs, market situation, gross and net margins. 

  • Financial Viability 

                    Financial aptitude.

  •   According to how the aforementioned factors are combined, a decision will be made to choose from the following alternatives: 

                  Continuity/Refocus of the Company. 

                  Seek a Financial/Strategic associate.

                  Sell the Company.

                  Continuity Tenders. 

                  Bankruptcy Tenders. 

       One of the key points in situations of crisis, and that which is least considered, is that there is a deadline by which decisions must be made, and businesses frequently make the mistake of seeking the advice of a consultant once the situation is almost irreparable. It must be borne in mind that the key factor that leads to tendering is ready cash. A situation of crisis is characterised by the progressive decrease in cash until it is not possible to confront one’s commitments, thus provoking a block on the company.