We know the objectives and circumstances of each company.

    Indo Iuris is forged in the continuity of the experience gained since 1979 by the Diaz de Mera Firm, with the incorporation of multidisciplinary professionals contrasted in the fiscal, financial and corporate management area.

      Since its inception, The Firm Diaz de Mera has accompanied numerous companies in developing their businesses. In this time he has earned the trust of its customers, the respect of his peers and competitors and a notorious reputation, values that come together in Indo Iuris in order to provide comprehensive advice, promoting the development of its activities in economic sectors with an organization that allows us to understand the objectives and circumstances of each company.


A great team with the same philosophy

     Our team allows us to provide advice on all legal and fiscal matters. This service reflects our commitment to quality, customer service, ethics and business solvency. 

     Indo Iuris does its utmost to be constantly aware of current events, the market and its fluctuations and to immediately adapt to any changes that occur as a result of new tendencies, with a single objective: to ensure that our customers benefit from them. 

Committed to serving you


This aspiration is continually present in our professional activities, and we have a tried and tested organisational, fiscal and management support structure at our disposal. 


Our customers’ confidence and satisfaction, based on quality and the results obtained thanks to our expert advice.  


The determination to provide our customers’ interests with added value. 


Rapid response, one of our most valued qualities. Our professionals are conscious of this demand and therefore carry out their work with full commitment and dedication, the only limit being the demands of our quality standard. 


Obtaining Results: Our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations. 


The company is made up of professionals who are specialised in each sector of the economy, under the direction of an associate who is responsible for coordinating them. 


Service quality: Every job is a genuine challenge, and our team believes that the most important thing is to listen to our customers, know their business to the full, understand their needs and propose tailor-made solutions to these needs.